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SEC Visit

On September 15, 2015, students from the Electrical Engineering (EE) Department visited Power Plant 9 of the Saudi Electricity Company (PP9, SEC). The students were received by SEC's Mr. Sultan Madkhali and other plant engineers who provided a detailed introduction to the company and its electricity generation operations in Riyadh. The hosting staff also described the specifics of the PP9 operation, including its history, its current facilities of gas and steam turbines, as well as its future expansions. They also provided a detailed tour of the plant as well as a visit to one of its two control quarters. At near 4200 MW, the PP9 is fourth largest plant in the Kingdom, as well as the largest in Riyadh -- providing 25% of the city's demand. This visit, arranged by the capable Mr. Waleed Bin Huzaim from the University's PR department, proved to be a wonderful and informative experience to the students who had a rare opportunity in getting to know a substantial engineering project, as well as have discussion with quality engineers. EE Department Chair Abd-Elhamid M. Taha and Dr. Ahmed Oteafy accompanied the students in their visit.

Alfaisal CoE Hosts the KSA local round of the First GCC Robotics Challenge

On Saturday November 28, 2015, the College of Engineering hosted the local round for the First GCC Robotics Challenge ( The competition, for which the final round will take place in Kuwait on December 12, 2015, is organized by the Sabah Al Ahmed Center for Giftedness and Creativity (SACGC), IET-Kuwait, IET-KSA, and IEEE-Kuwait. It invites students and young professionals aged 18-35 in the GCC countries to exhibit their robotic knowledge and skills. Alfaisal University was chosen to host the local round for KSA, the winner of which will compete in the final round.

Twelve teams competed in yesterday's challenge. The teams hailed from Effat University, Taif University, Prince Sultan University and Alfaisal University. Effat University's delegation included Dr. Akila Sarirete (Dean, Effat's CoE) and Prof. Mohammad Ghazi (Chair, Effat's ECE), and Prof. Ayman Naggar (Chair, Taif's Mechatronics).

In addition to recognizing the 1st place, Alfaisal CoE further recognized 2nd and 3rd place winners. The winning teams were as follows.

1st Place – Zoom Engineers (Effat University)
Zainab Khan, Sarah Toonsi, , Malak Albogamy, Asiya Ibrahim, Sadaf Usman
2nd Place – Skynet (Alfaisal University)
Habib Farooq, Abdul Rahman Shaikh, Muhammad Anwar
3rd Place – ALSN (Effat University)
Salma Alghafis, Nojood Almayouf, Lina Babsail, Abdullah Alghafis

The event would not have been possible without the generous sponsorship of King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST), and the superb and boundless aid of the Alfaisal's Engineering Student Association (ESA) and Software Engineering Club (Click-IT). The local companies Makereal/Hard-Electronics further generously contributed to winner's awards.

College of Engineering – Siemens Day

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