Department Chair’s Message

Welcome to the Mechanical Engineering (ME) Department at Alfaisal University!

ME is one of the essential pillars of today’s world. As the world advances, ME sciences evolve to keep with the current. The ME program at Alfaisal University was mainly established to compensate the shortage in Mechanical Engineers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This will reduce the level of dependency on foreign corporations and engineers, which in turn matches with the 2030 Vision of the Kingdom.

The ME Program provides high quality contemporary education and research in mechanical engineering, prepares the graduates for national and international markets, and maintains active community services. The goals of the ME program are to provide the ME graduates with the technical, communication, and professional tools they need to solve engineering problems that face the society. The graduating engineers should be qualified for higher graduate studies in ME (M.Sc., Ph.D., etc…). This in turn will enable them to carry out technological development plans of the Kingdom.

In order to strengthen the student understanding of the energy and motion as well as the load and failure concepts; ME program offers courses like Material Science, Applied Mechanics and Thermal Fluid which are supported with practical experiments conducted in professional ME labs. The Department of Mechanical Engineering supports its students with the modern ME design tools in terms of software (such as CAD, CAM, and CNC programming) and hard tools through its well-equipped Manufacturing Workshop. More advanced topics such as HVAC, FEA, Instrumentations and Control systems, and Vibration and Damping are offered and tied with real-world application. Through the Elective Courses, ME students get the freedom to select courses of their interests to advance their knowledge and to give them insights of their specialization in the future. In addition, our ME students are engaged in leading-edge research projects with our faculty members and they are leading teams in international competitions such as Shell Eco-Marathon, Formula Student, Solar Car Projects, and others.

We believe that our department works towards excellence to grantee first-class student that capable to compete and participate in the industry and research market. Our department has a good relationship with national and international companies for student internships, Co-ops and jobs. Our graduate students are confident to face their career challenges. Our staff is dedicated to deliver the material in the best way and work restlessly to resolve students’ issues. We are proud of our graduating students, both females and males, who have shown exceptional skill and talents and who have gone to various industrial as well as research opportunities. We hope to see our student escalate in their future and become leaders in the industrial as well as in the research markets.

Kindly have few minutes to browse the ME website and find out more about our distinguishing department and program. If you need additional information, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be glad to meet with you any time. We are looking forward to seeing you at our department.

Dr. Hassan Zohair Hassan Ahmed
Chair of the Mechanical Engineering Department.

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