Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineers are concerned with the design, development and manufacture of machines and mechanical parts and components. In modern times, good mechanical engineers are trained on a strong foundation of theory, practice and interdisciplinary innovation. Subjects in mechanical engineering overlap with various other engineering branches such as aerospace, architecture, biomedical, civil, chemical, computer, electrical, electronic and communication, industrial, instrumentation, materials, metallurgical, nuclear and petroleum engineering to varying amounts. But mechanical engineers do more than just work in these core engineering sectors. The field has continually evolved and in recent times mechanical engineers have been heavily involved in numerous advanced fields such as acoustics, automatic control, biomedical, chemical processing, combustion, computer-aided design, condition monitoring, environmental control, food processing, renewable and nuclear energy, mechatronics, manufacturing, maritime industry, nanotechnology, power generation, plant layout, process simulation, water desalination, quality control, consultancy and human resource management.

A mechanical engineer should have a strong interest and academic background in mathematics and physical sciences, concern about the quality of life and products, a desire to put ideas into action, curiosity about how things work and how to improve their performance, and good communication skills. Engineering design is the backbone of Alfaisal University's mechanical engineering (ME) program which is reinforced with the fundamental physical sciences, including engineering mathematics, physics, chemistry, materials, applied mechanics, mechanics of materials, structural analysis, fluid mechanics, automatic control, thermodynamics, fluids mechanics, fundamentals of electrical and electronic engineering, manufacturing processes, mechatronics, machine design, engineering management, instrumentation, safety and risk analysis, vibration and damping, computer-aided engineering and several computational techniques. Experimental work is carried out in laboratories and through small projects work at all levels of the program. The program also includes industry and University-based summer research projects at different levels. This is not to say that your mechanical engineering education is over, the main aim of the ME program being to provide graduates with the ability and confidence to continue lifelong education within their chosen profession.

Mechanical engineers have always been in good demand worldwide. In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the world over, there is a great demand for mechanical engineers. National public and private sector companies like Saudi Aramco, SABIC, Saudi Railways Organisation, KACST, universities in addition to multinational companies such as BAE Systems, Boeing, General Electric, IBM, Microsoft, Google, Schneider, Schlumberger, Siemens, Thales International, and United Technologies, etc., all have constant interest in Mechanical Engineers across all specializations.

A degree in mechanical engineering at Alfaisal University will give you the knowledge and advanced interdisciplinary skills to work in the design, development and manufacture of products in Saudi Arabia and worldwide.

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