Department Chair’s Message

Welcome to the Software Engineering (SE) Department at Alfaisal University. The engineering field has taken on many new disciplines as our scientific knowledge has grown. Software engineering is one of the latest ones. According to the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), software engineering means applying the principles of engineering to the software development field.

The SE program at Alfaisal University started its journey back in 2010 with five female students. Ever since, student enrollment has been increasing considerably. The program currently offers a Bachelor degree combining computing science, mathematics, and software engineering into a unique and potent blend. The primary goal of our program is to provide our students with education and training in advanced software engineering and information technology together with excellent entrepreneurship and management skills. The program is to produce competent graduates who are able to design and implement complex software systems using state of the art tools and processes.

The SE department has been working with a vision of making the program one of the best in the Kingdom. We are very proud of our academic program and it’s matching with the needs of today's information technology driven society. Our academic staff is diverse, caring, highly qualified with distinguished academic and professional experiences. We are proud of our exceptional students. They spend summer internships at major companies or prestigious research institutes like Lockheed-Martin, Thales, Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, AREVA, SADAD, KACST, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), etc. Majority of our graduates go on to work at major national and international companies or continued their education in graduate school. Feedback from employers came as excellent evaluations and high appreciation of the quality of our students.

I appreciate your interest in our department and programs and would encourage you to stay in touch with us if you have any questions or suggestions.

Dr. Muhammad Anan
Chair of Software Engineering

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