Faculty & Staff- Industrial Engineering

Dr. Abdalla Alrashdan
Assistant Professor
+ 966 112157767
Dr. Abdalla Alrashdan is an Assistant Professor in Industrial Engineering in the College of Engineering. He teaches courses in Ergonomics, Work Design, and Production management. His PhD in Industrial Engineering is from Wichita State University in Kansas USA. His current research focuses on ergonomics product design and the development of thermal management to Li-Ion batteries using phase change materials. He works as a consultant and production manager at ALL Cell technologies in USA building Li-ion batteries used for electrical cars. He has more than 10 years of teaching in the states. He supervised different Master thesis at Jordan University of Science and Technology and served in many master thesis committees at Jordan University of Science and Technology and Jordan University. He was in charge of establishing Industrial Incubator at Jordan University y of science and Technology. He served as a referee on the Institute of Industrial Engineering conference and the International Conference in Production Research. He regularly serves as a reviewer in Material Sciences Journals. Dr. Alrashdan published studies in various industrial engineering areas, most recently in the Proceedings of Institute of Industrial engineering in Istanbul, Turkey.

Eng. Muhammad Hamad Sajjad
Instructor of Industrial Engineering
+ 966 11 215 7956
1. BE and MS in Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering with MS research in 'Six Sigma Implementation' in a Manufacturing Sector
2. Certified Six Sigma Green Belt
3. Worked as a Production/Systems Engineer for more than 2 years in a Manufacturing Sector

Sobhi Mejjaouli
Assistant Professor Of Industrial Engineering
+ 966 11 215 7754
Dr. Sobhi Mejjaouli is currently an Assistant Professor in the Industrial Engineering Department at Alfaisal University, Riyadh. He teaches different IE courses (like Operations Research, Production Information Systems and Advanced Economics…etc.) to Graduate and Undergraduate Students. Dr Mejjaouli had a Bachelor and a Master Degree in IE before working for Johnson Controls as a Manufacturing Quality Engineer. After that he joined University of Arkansas at Little Rock, USA, where he got his PhD in Systems Engineering while teaching and conducting Research. His major research areas are: Supply Chain Engineering and Management, Manufacturing, Transportation Systems, and Applications of RFID and Sensor Networks. To have a better idea about the publications of Dr. Mejjaouli, please check his CV.

Lab Technicians

Eng.Athiq Ahamed Khazi, Lab & workshop Technician
Tel: + 966 112157758
Workshop: + 966 112157849


Ahmad Darwish, Business Administration Officer
Tel: + 966 112157762
Fax: + 966 112157751

Maha Hamad Bin Jeri, Administration Coordinator
Tel: + 966 112157764

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