Mission Statement

To provide a contemporary industrial engineering education allowing its graduates to make a substantial contribution to the welfare of Saudi society and the world at large through teaching, research and community service activities.

Program Educational Objectives

The Alfaisal University Bachelor in Industrial Engineering will produces graduates who are expected to attain the following program educational objectives (not necessarily all of them):

PEO1. Successfully employed in the Industrial Engineering related field
PEO2. Pursue professional and educational advancement.
PEO3. Assume leadership roles to serve their profession and community

Industrial Engineering Program Enrollment and Graduation Data

Academic Year Enrollment* Total Undergrad** Degrees Awarded***
2018-2019 52 195 25
2017-2018 59 187 39
2016-2017 63 152 23
2015-2016 27 102 10
2014-2015 43 91 15

*Enrollment figures are based on the first term (fall) enrollment for the corresponding academic year.
**Total undergrad students enrolled in the program (from all academic levels) for the corresponding academic year.
***Total graduates for the corresponding academic year (regardless of students cohort)

Department & Programs

Architectural Engineering

Graduates of the Architectural Engineering program at Alfaisal University are grounded in scientific, mathematical, and technical knowledge through coursework that keeps pace with current relevant technologies.

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Electrical Engineering

Here, at Alfaisal University, we have a world-class EE program that helps prepare you for the international job market, and that makes you able to take part in powering up the world.

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Industrial Engineering

Industrial engineering is about choices. Other engineering disciplines apply skills to very specific areas. An industrial engineering education offers the best of both worlds: an education in both engineering and management.

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Mechanical Engineering

A degree in mechanical engineering at Alfaisal University will give you the knowledge and advanced interdisciplinary skills to work in the design, development and manufacture of products in Saudi Arabia and worldwide.

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Software Engineering

Certainly find software taking care of business. On your computer and in your smartphone, in your dishwasher and in your car, in the bank, supermarket, or mall, on the streets or in your house.

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Master of Engineering & Systems Management (MEM)

This program is not an MBA; it is a technical master's degree focused on engineering, data science and computation.

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