Internal Research Grants









Grants Awarded in 2019

Title: Shaping the vision of Quality of Experience for future 5G networks
PI: Abd-Elhamid Taha

Title: The Effect of Lime Addition on Properties of Blast Furnace slag based on Geopolymer Binder
PI: Ramzan Demirboga

Title: Toward Green Campus: Retrofitting Efficiency while Enhancing Awareness of Sustainability at AU
PI: Alia ElAbd

Grants Awarded in 2018

Title: SUtilizing Model Transformation to Reduce off-shore Development Costs for Saudi Arabian Software Development Companies
PI: Mohamed Attar

Title: Context – Aware Living Building
PI: Mohammed Anan

Title: Developing A Cloud- Based Framework for Smart Cities’ Services
PI: Nidal Nasser

Title: Life Cycle Cost Optimization for Energy Retrofitting Strategies in Commercial Buildings
PI: Sobhi Majjoueli

Title: ISolar- UAV Solar Powering System
PI: Sughair Guizani

Title: Autonomous Wearable Bio-Signals Monitoring E-Health Platform
PI: Mai Ali

Grants Awarded in 2016

Title: Exploiting human-undesired routes for driverless cargo vehicles
PI: Abd Elhamid Taha

Title: Smart waste management system
PI: Sam Aleyadeh

Title: Energy Harvesting for Ultra Low Power Platforms for Internet of Things (IoT) Applications and power management ICs
PI: Mai Ali

Grants Awarded in 2015

Title: Design Energy Efficient Computing Framework for Cloud Datacenters
PI: Muhammad Anan

Title: Investigation of an alternative method for building occupancy sensing: Bi-directional infrared people counters
PI: Jorge Caeiro

Title: Water flow glazing and absorption chillers for solar cogeneration in buildings
PI: Fernando Del Ama Gonzalo

Title: A Framework for malware identification and protection in smartphone apps
PI: Manar Al Alalfi

Title: A secure cloud data based scheme for public services
PI: Azeem Ahmad

Title: Development of composite materials using fibers from palm trees
PI: S.C Fok

Title: A hybrid Web/Standalone internet of things framework with natural user interface and robot-enabled immersive telepresence for home automation
PI: Samer Mansour

Title: Studying the mechanical properties of Leukaemia blood cells using nano-indentation and finite element modelling
PI: Zhao Yong

Title: Studying mechanical, thermal and electrical properties of 3D printed graphene based polymer nan-composites
PI: Khalid Ahmed

Grants Awarded in 2014

Title: Studying the effect of carbon monoxide on the compliance of red blood cells using nanoindentation
PI: Zhao Yong

Title: New parameter techniques for synchronous generators
PI: Zhao Yong

Title: Li-ion thermal management using phase change material used for high powered applications
PI: Abdalla Alrashdan

Title: iMonitor-NFC/RFID Monitoring System
PI: Sghaier Guizani

Title: BeRo: A hybrid physical-digital robotic platform to recall a culture of belonging in educ inst
PI: Tarek Mokhtar

Title: Study and design of a solar-thermal power generation system
PI: Khalid Ahmed

Title: Theoretical and experimental study of a solar-driven chiller for continuous operation
PI: Hassan Zohair Hassan

Title: Should physicians seek the help of architects to improve health outcomes?
PI: Aliaa Elabd

Title: Enforcing safe and responsible driving using smartphones
PI: Abd-Elhamid M. Taha

Grants Awarded in 2013

Title: Parameter identification techniques for electric machines
PI: Ahmed Mohamed Oteafy

Title: Developing an air quality monitoring system using wireless sensor technology
PI: Samer Mansour

Title: Development of cloud-based internet of things ( CIoT ) framework
PI: Nidal Nasser

Title: Energy-efficient interference coordination for multi-user two-tier wireless networks
PI: Redha Mahmoud Radaydeh

Title: Anthropometric measurements of saudi adults and effects of age, region and gender
PI: Abdallah Alrshdan

Title: Theoretical and Experimental Design of a solar powered adsorption cooler under saudi weather conditions
PI: Hassan Zohair Ahmed

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