Architectural Engineering

Welcome to the Architectural Engineering (ARE) Department.
Graduates of the Architectural Engineering program at Alfaisal University are grounded in scientific, mathematical, and technical knowledge through coursework that keeps pace with current relevant technologies. The ARE graduates have developed the ability to analyze, synthesize, and design engineering systems in architectural engineering through immersion in problem-based and project-based activities; and, by means of general education courses, they have enhanced their ability to communicate and have acquired an understanding and appreciation for other areas of human intellectual achievement.

Our Mission

Consistent with the missions of the University and the College of Engineering, the Architectural Engineering program at Alfaisal University is dedicated to offer a world class academic, professional and quality education grounded in scientific, humanistic and technical knowledge. Architectural Engineering students are trained to find innovative and creative solutions for complex engineering challenges through AEC education, research and community involvement.

The graduates of the architectural engineering program at Alfaisal University will make a substantial contribution to the development of a knowledge-based economy for the benefit of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the region and the world.

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