At the IoT Research Lab, we conduct state-of-the-art research on different aspects of Wireless Networking and Mobile Computing, focusing on emerging technologies such as IoT, Big Data, Blockchain, Cloud Computing, and Molecular Communication to explore the future of networks and communications. We are engaged in industrial as well as academic research, covering various topics in the emerging technologies from the data link layer to the application layer. We also provide training and education at the graduate and undergraduate levels for students interested and dedicated to doing research and development in these technologies.


  • Smart Cities loT vertical kit
  • Smart Environment loT Vertical kit
  • Libelium-ThingWorx Development kit
  • MySignals SW complete kit
  • Libelium-Bluemix Development kit

Collaborators & logos for funding

  • King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST), Saudi Arabia

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  • Boeing International Research Fund - Boeing, Saudi Arabia

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Team members

  • AbdulAziz Al-Helali
  • Emad Qazi


  • Anonymity Preserving IoT-based COVID-19
  • Smart IoT Sensor: A Continuous and Lightweight Arrhythmia Monitoring Approach
  • Self-Aware Autonomous City: From Sensing to Planning
  • Molecular Communication in Human Body
  • Developing and Designing Smart Services


Lab Manager

Name: Nidal Nasser
Contact Number(s): 011-215-7750
Director profile link: Open Scholar

Nidal Nasser completed his Ph.D. in the School of Computing at Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada, in 2004. He is currently a Professor of Software Engineering in the College of Engineering at Alfaisal University, Saudi Arabia. He was the Acting Dean for College of Engineering-Alfaisal University, 2014-2017. He worked in the School of Computer Science at the University of Guelph, Guelph, Ontario, Canada (2004-2011). He has authored 180 journal publications, refereed conference publications and book chapters in the area of wireless communication networks and systems. He is currently serving as an associate editor of IEEE Systems Journal and Wiley’s International Journal on Communication Systems. He regularly serves on the organizational and technical committees of a number of conferences. He is an IEEE Senior member.

Department & Programs

Architectural Engineering

Graduates of the Architectural Engineering program at Alfaisal University are grounded in scientific, mathematical, and technical knowledge through coursework that keeps pace with current relevant technologies.

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Electrical Engineering

Here, at Alfaisal University, we have a world-class EE program that helps prepare you for the international job market, and that makes you able to take part in powering up the world.

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Industrial Engineering

Industrial engineering is about choices. Other engineering disciplines apply skills to very specific areas. An industrial engineering education offers the best of both worlds: an education in both engineering and management.

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Mechanical Engineering

A degree in mechanical engineering at Alfaisal University will give you the knowledge and advanced interdisciplinary skills to work in the design, development and manufacture of products in Saudi Arabia and worldwide.

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Software Engineering

Certainly find software taking care of business. On your computer and in your smartphone, in your dishwasher and in your car, in the bank, supermarket, or mall, on the streets or in your house.

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Master of Engineering & Systems Management (MEM)

This program is not an MBA; it is a technical master's degree focused on engineering, data science and computation.

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